5 Things You Need to Know About Moving to Rochester, MN

Rochester is the third-largest city in Minnesota and often wins awards for high quality of life. In fact, in 2016, it was ranked the #1 small-to-mid-sized city to live in the U.S. It sits on the banks of the Zumbro River and has a growing community filled with people from all over the world. Relocation is always a significant change, but you have a low cost of living, many employment prospects, and an excellent quality of life waiting for you in Rochester, MN.

1. Rochester, MN Is Home to the Mayo Clinic

The city’s unique character stems from the Mayo Clinic, which plays a large part in the local economy, offers excellent healthcare in the area, and attracts visitors from all corners of the globe. While the United States is often referred to as a melting pot culture, few cities embrace that moniker quite as well as Rochester. It definitely earns its nickname “Med City,” as healthcare professionals find many opportunities to work with the clinic or the supporting businesses in the area.

With Mayo Clinic at its heart, Rochester was recently designated a Destination Medical Center (DMC). DMC is a 20-year, $5.6 billion economic development initiative that is the largest public-private economic initiative in Minnesota and the catalyst for growth in Rochester. It has spurred growth and development across housing, entertainment, dining, and other economic opportunities.

2. Endless Outdoor Adventures

Rochester is surrounded by biking and hiking trails, gorgeous parkland, and recreational facilities that offer many types of outdoor recreation. During the summer, you have a hot and humid climate that’s perfect for going to the rivers and lakes for fishing, swimming, and waterskiing. The winter doesn’t stop the fun, even when the temperatures plunge below freezing. Snowshoeing takes the place of hiking and the snowmobiles come out.

3. Low Unemployment Rate

Rochester has a strong and growing economy in the medical and technology sectors. Mayo Clinic, IBM, and many other companies provide enough positions to keep the unemployment rate at 2.9 percent. They also attract other businesses that want to take advantage of the available infrastructure, which contributes to its long-term growth rate.

4. Exceptional School District

Rochester, MN has an exceptional public education district and a wide variety of private options. The public k-12 school district consistently has one of the highest rankings in the state of Minnesota. The city also has a variety of higher education systems from two-year technical options to four-year degrees and beyond.

5. Diverse Range of Affordable Housing

The typical rent in Rochester is $830, which is below the national average cost of living. You’ll be able to reduce your costs while living in a city that has unexpected amenities for its size and location. Since a world-class hospital and technology giant have large campuses in this area, they have contributed to the infrastructure in the region.

A relocation to Rochester, MN is a big move. Whether you’re a medical professional or you want to take your family to a great place to live, this city has a lot to offer.