Sale of Home Contingency

Over the past few years, I’ve heard so many people say they want to buy before they list because they are afraid they won’t be able to find a home they’ll want to buy once theirs sells.  While I totally relate to wanting to know where you’ll live before you fully commit, there are a… Read more »

Wealth in Real Estate

Wealth in Real Estate You may be asking, “Why am I reading a blog on a Realtor’s page about wealth?  “Well I can tell you, it’s because we have the secret.  It’s not the long hours of service in the industry.  You can make a good living in our industry, but the truth is, one… Read more »

Flipping Real Estate

Flipping Real Estate My husband and I have been blessed to be so successful investing in real estate.  I’m not telling you that to brag; rather to let you know it’s possible for you to do it, too! We bought our first home right after we got married and then soon after, we purchased another… Read more »

Exit Strategy

What is “exit strategy” and why is it so important?  I’ve helped hundreds of people purchase their “forever” home.  A surprisingly high number of them have called me a year or two later saying they have to move.  Job changes, family issues, health reasons, etc. can (and unfortunately do) come up unexpectedly.  All of a… Read more »

Investing in ALL Types of Real Estate

So, what is investment property?  Is it only property you buy to rent out and not live in? Absolutely not. Every single piece of real estate should be an investment… even your own home!   Many years ago, my very wise dad told me “Buy real estate; there’s only so much of it.” and he was… Read more »

5 Things You Need to Know About Moving to Rochester, MN

Rochester is the third-largest city in Minnesota and often wins awards for high quality of life. In fact, in 2016, it was ranked the #1 small-to-mid-sized city to live in the U.S. It sits on the banks of the Zumbro River and has a growing community filled with people from all over the world. Relocation… Read more »

How to Minimize Stress During the Moving Process

The typical person moves approximately 11 times throughout their life, according to U-Haul. No matter how many times you end up setting up house, one thing remains constant: it’s a stressful process. It doesn’t have to be this way! Use these tips to smooth out the upcoming move so you can relax once you reach… Read more »

Real Estate Trends: Buy in 2017 and Build your Equity

It has been a common scenario for house hunters in Rochester, Minnesota and the surrounding area: buyers find the perfect home only to find it sold after only hours on the market at thousands over the asking price. The market analysis reflects the frustration. Industry trends in 2016 focused on low inventory levels and spikes… Read more »