Election Day

November 3rd, 2020 2020 has been a heck of a year!  I’m willing to bet you’ve spent more time in your house this year than past years.  We’re kind of house experts so if you have questions we’re always available to help! The election cycle may have you convinced it’s only going to get worse. … Read more »

Magic of Compound Interest

If I offered you 1 million dollars or 1 penny doubled every day for 30 days, which would you take? Obviously, because of the title of this blog you may make the correct decision.  But check this out… Get a blank calendar.  On day one, write $ .01 (penny).  Day two, double it $.02 (two… Read more »

Property Taxes – Don’t Forget Your Discount!

If you purchased a home in 2020, you may qualify for a discount on your property taxes – and who doesn’t like discounts!! A few weeks after closing on your new home, and once the deed is recorded in your name, you should receive a Homestead application from your county to use to apply for… Read more »

One of the Greatest Myths about Leaves!

One of the Greatest Myths about Leaves! I’m so thankful Fall 2020 is colorful!  I think we all needed something beautiful in our lives after the past few months. Every single year I hear at least one person say that the leaves are turning colors because we had a frost or light freeze.  While this… Read more »

Supply & Demand

I’m no economic expert, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how the concept of “supply and demand” works.  If there are more consumers than supply, they are willing to pay more.  If there is more supply than consumers, inventory sits around and sellers lower their pricing to compete and be chosen.  Whether… Read more »

Guaranteed Offer!

As I put the finishing touches on my personal home, I think to myself, “Do I want a guaranteed offer for my house?”  That’s right, I’m a Realtor and I’m selling my house.  So why not take advantage of the “guaranteed offer” being advertised everywhere you drive in Rochester?  Wouldn’t it be more convenient? I’ll… Read more »

Some Facts About Radon

What is Radon? Radon is a radioactive gas in the ground that is invisible, odorless, and tasteless.  The US Surgeon General warns that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. How Does Radon Get Into My House? Because most basement and slab materials are porous, radon is able… Read more »

Do You Pop The Hood on Your House?

As a homeowner, should you be “changing the oil”? We all know that if we don’t take care of our vehicles, they won’t last as long and especially, they won’t be worth as much when we try to sell it or trade it in, right?  One of the basic auto maintenance items is changing the… Read more »

Selling Rural Property? Time It!

Considering Selling Your Midwest Rural Property Next Spring? If you are considering putting your rural property on the market next spring, we recommend that you plan ahead on a few things so you are ready to list when the time is right. Septic Systems If you sell without having your septic system certified (county approved)… Read more »

The Inspection Contingency

Contingencies are conditions added to an agreement (or contract) that can be removed by one or more of the parties involved. Here’s how the inspection contingency works (in Minnesota): It’s Onset When a home goes under contract, more often than not, the purchase is subject to an inspection contingency.  It defines a timeline in which… Read more »